Download a Purchase Order (PO)

There are two main types of Purchase Order (PO) offered by Lingo.

  • Open PO - these PO’s are for projects where we do not know the full volume of content when we ask you to start working on a task. We commit to keeping you updated and you commit to letting us know if you are unable to take on more work on these tasks.

  • Fixed Value PO - these PO’s are for projects where the task offer is fixed and we do not expect it to change.

The PO type is shown on every task and a PDF version of the PO can be downloaded at any time.

  1. Select Tasks from the main menu

    This will show your tasks from the last three months

  2. Select a Task card

    This will show the full task details

  3. From the Task history, select the Download icon  for the PO version you would like to download

    You will be prompted to open or save the file

Note: The history lists all changes to the task, including status changes, e.g. when you accept or decline a task. Download PO links are only displayed for changes that affect the Purchase Order.


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