Task stages

The task stages section (on the task view) provides a view of the individual stages that comprise the workflow on a Coach task group.

Coach stage examples include :

  • Translation
  • Review
  • Approval
  • Client review

An example of the screen that you see when viewing a Translation stage in Coach :


For Coach linked tasks, you can see all the Coach stages that are associated with the Port task:

  • Translation task on Port is typically linked to a Translation stage and an Approval stage on Coach.
  • Checking & Editing task on Port is usually linked to a Review stage on Coach.

For a Coach linked Translation task, you can see both of the linked Coach stages (Translation, Approval) on the Port task. 



For a Coach linked Checking & Editing task, you can see the linked Coach stage (Review) on the Port task.



For non Coach linked tasks, the Task Stages section is present however the Port task is not linked to Coach stages, so:

  • You cannot view individual Coach stages on the Port task.
  • Task stage Start Dates and Deadlines are the Port task Start Dates and Deadlines (they are not Coach stage dates).
  • You need to log in to Coach in order to view associated available stages, with their dates and statuses.


When the Port task status is Offered on a Coach linked task:

  • Start Dates and Deadlines are displayed for each individual Coach stage.
  • The Coach stage statuses are not visible - you are asked to accept the task.
  • You cannot view or edit the stage in Coach, even if you log in to Coach separately, until you accept the task on Port.


When the Port task status is In Progress on a Coach linked task :

  • The Coach stage statuses are visible - these can be
    • Pending - stage is not ready to be worked on as a previous stage is not yet finished - you can follow the hyperlink to "View in Coach".
    • In Progress - stage is ready to be worked on - you can follow the hyperlink to "Edit in Coach".
    • Finished - stage is finished and cannot be worked on again in Coach.
  • You can only work on a stage in Coach when the Coach stage is at status In Progress.


In this example the Translation stage in Coach has been finished - the Approval stage is at status Pending, waiting for the Review stage to be finished.

  • Note that the Port task is still at status In Progress because the Coach Approval stage has not yet reached status Finished.


In this example the Translation and Approval stages in Coach have been finished.

  • Note that the Port task status is automatically changed to Complete when all Coach stages on the Port task are finished.
  • Hence there is no "Complete" button that you can press.
  • "Complete" button is only available for non Coach linked tasks which you can press when your work is finished.


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