Coach linked and non-linked tasks

Coach is the Lingo24 Computer Aided Translation platform (CAT Tool) used by linguists to edit content.

Tasks on Port can be associated with Coach in 3 ways:

  • Coach linked tasks - Port tasks are linked to Coach stages
    • You can view the basic details of the Coach stages (Translation, Review, Approval) that comprise the task on Port.
    • You will not be able to start work on Coach until you have accepted the Coach linked task on Port.
    • ​Tasks on Port are fully integrated with Coach task groups - each Coach stage is displayed on the Task Stages section of Port tasks.
    • When you finish all stages on Coach, status of the task will change from In Progress to Complete automatically on Port.
  • Non Coach linked tasks - Port tasks are not linked to Coach stages
    • Commercial aspects of tasks and POs in Port are managed independently of associated translation and review task groups in Coach.
    • It is possible (although not recommended) to start work on Coach before the task has been accepted on Port.
    • When you complete all your work in Coach, you can manually change the status of the task from In Progress to Complete on Port.
    • Stand alone - Port tasks are not associated with Coach at all.
      • Translation, review and other types of work that is not being performed in Coach.

    Coach linked tasks on Port can be identified by the presence of the chain link icon on the task card.

    • Black chain icon indicates that you have accepted the task and it is now In Progress (also for Complete, Ready To Invoice, Invoiced or Paid).
    • Orange chain icon indicates that this new task has been Offered to you.


    Non-Coach linked tasks on Port can be identified by the absence of the chain link icon on the task card.


    Coach linked and non Coach linked tasks can also be identified on the Port dashboard.


    More detail of Coach linked and non linked tasks are displayed on the In Progress and Offered task lists on the Port dashboard.


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