Task statuses and workflow

As Tasks are created and then move through each step of the Lingo24  workflow, the Task Status is set and displayed.

  • Offered - Tasks are offered to you by Project Managers (PMs), and you can find these labeled Offered in the Tasks section.

  • In Progress - Once you accept a task, it will move to In progress.

  • Complete - When you have finished working on a task, you may mark it Complete. This is an optional step, but you may find it useful in organising your workload.

  • Ready To Invoice - As soon as the PM has had a chance to review your work and confirm it is complete, they will mark the task Ready to invoice. When a task has reached Ready To Invoice status, you can invoice it at any time.

  • Invoiced - Once you've included a task on an invoice, its status will change to Invoiced.

  • Paid - When Lingo24 releases the payment for one of your invoices, all the tasks on that invoice will advance to the final status, Paid.

In rare cases tasks may be Withdrawn, for example when a client cancels a translation project. Withdrawn tasks are removed from your Task List, but you will always be notified by email if this happens.

You may also decide to refuse an offered task in which case it will become Declined.


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