Give feedback on a translation

When completing Checking and Editing tasks, you can provide feedback on the translation. This action is not mandatory, and can either be skipped or done at a later time. However, we strongly encourage you to take the time to do it, as it promotes a more quality-oriented environment for you and other linguists to work in.

  1. Select Complete for an In progress Checking and Editing task
    Select Give feedback for a Complete Checking and Editing task

    The feedback form will open in a popup window

  2. Select a severity level for each criterion, according to the quality of the translation

  3. Enter a comment if you wish to add more information (optional)

  4. Select Submit

    Your feedback has been recorded.

Note: You can only give feedback up to the point of invoicing a task. After invoicing, if some time has passed, we consider the task is not recent enough and it may be difficult to offer feedback.


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